About Me

My name is Patrick Curran, and I love to learn. I can attribute all of my failures and successes to my unique brain. From a young age, I was known for asking an obnoxious amount of questions, some say I was a handful. As I grew, I found myself drawn to the sciences. Every hour of my day was spent absorbing all things science.

I found my calling when I joined a local F.I.R.S.T. robotics team. Robotics tested my stored knowledge while teaching me more than ever. I had the room to let my creativity and analytical thinking shine. The robot that my team built dominated competitions across the east coast. Our team’s success was noticed, and we were invited to compete at the World Competition, we placed 13th. An amazing experience, but I wasn’t done. The next year with a new robot, I set my eye on the prize. Using my compounding knowledge, we created a genius bot, that placed 2nd, just short of world champions.

I have taken my love for engineering and design to 3d printing, where I task myself with solving everyday problems and inefficiencies. I’m excited to continue expanding the scope of my designs, tackling problems that impact society.