Hobby Printing

The Clicker

Fidgeting with common objects usually leads to the object’s destruction. I designed a simple toy to keep my hands busy. 

Through iteration, I improved elasticity of the spring, ergonomics, print time, and minimized material usage.

V1, V5, V8

The Finger Swing

Stay tuned for my next fidget project, the Finger Bicycle!

I based the Finger Swing design around my golden rules for fidget toys:

  • Quiet, as to not distract others
  • Mindless, as to not distract the user
  • Entertaining

Trebuchet Physics

A wistful memory of a childhood physics project led me to redesign a trebuchet on my 3d printer. 

The counterweight is integral to the effectiveness of a trebuchet. Three dollars worth of copper/zinc swaddled by plastic did the trick.


Exploring the logistics of elastic potential

Mickey Motion

I combined my love for double pendulums and my friend’s love for Micky Mouse to make a mesmerizing gift.  

Friction between printed plastic parts tends to be less than ideal. Painstakingly polishing every tooth of each gear did the trick.  

The Pen Stand

Less of a tool, more of an ornament

Overthinking became my motivation for this project. Once I realized a cup, rather than a pen, would work better for my creation, I embraced the overengineering.

Desk Attach-ment

My small desk couldn’t accommodate my new 3D printer purchase. Failing to print an answer, I turned to wood as a material. 

When I began the CAD for my desk, I modeled my laptop, printer, pen holder, mousepad, hinges, baseboard, and walls to achieve the perfect placement.

Door Opener

Tugging open my fridge door was getting on my nerves. Only a bit of leverage and ingenuity was needed for the fix.  

In only a half-inch gap I needed to mount and find the leverage to pry open the door. I prioritized making the build feel natural and convenient.  

Unfortunately, this first design lacked fluidity.

After a total redesign with motion fluidity as its premise, I landed on a successful product.

Video Coming Soon!

V2 Latch
V2 lever arm

The Penny Piston

Experimenting with momentum while trying to create a mesmerizing toy.

The initial prototype is never perfect, so I tried to solve the problems encountered.

Unfortunately, after a complete redesign, I had only uncovered more issues.

Failure is always an option.

The Momentum Screw

Untraditional angular forces have always intrigued me. I wanted to capture the feeling with this project. This handheld gyroscope makes a perfect play toy.

Simple Solutions to Everyday Problems

My cheap vacuum didn’t come with an attachment for the end of the hose. My picture frame’s stand broke. My computer mouse cord would get in the way. My window shades took too long to open. Each of these problems was solved with a simple print.