Patrick Curran

Analytical. Creative. Driven.

I design unique solutions

Since 2010, I have designed and built robots.

My insatiable curiosity drives me to master each project I take on.

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Ultimate Ascent

I designed, prototyped, and built multiple components including:

  • Disk loading, storage, and firing mechanism
  • Designed and tested contoured wheels to maximize static friction for climbing the pyramid
  • Pneumatic bi-stable shooting angle
  • Modeling elastic deformation of a frisbee.

Rebound Rumble

CAD, manufacturing, and testing of:

  • Ball pickup and elevator assembly
  • Closed-loop controlled shooter RPM with tachometer measurement informing motor power adjustment.
  • Belt tensioner

Total re-design to lower center of gravity in 3 days.

Aerial Assist

I designed, tested, and constructed:

  • Winch mechanism to retract elastic shooter
  • Housing to retain ball while normal to the firing direction. 
  • Designed pneumatic quick release mechanism
  • Ball pickup testing and iteration.

This bot could automatically retrieve stray balls.

3D Printing

See how I have designed some objects to be 3D printable.